Nyama Mama

Nyama Mama is a modern-day interpretation of Mama Kenya’s safari travels. Nostalgic dishes made modern, cocktails presented as concoctions, a place for people to come together and take a trip down memory lane. Nyama Mama Xpress is mama’s limited service diner, conveniently located in central locations delivering a dose of hearty mama’s food on the go.

Our involvement since it’s inception in 2015 has included 360′ integrated brand, marketing and PR execution.

  • Positioning the modern Kenyan diner as a contemporary reflection of African cuisine and culture.
  • Driving strong international awareness as the must-visit destination for all international travellers to the city. Nyama Mama has received much international recognition with features appearing in the UK’s Evening Standard, CNN, Anthony Bourdain and many more.
  • Curating events and experiences that resonate with local audiences such as Mama’s Jams, a weekly music performance that gives a platform to emerging and established African artists.
  • Developing a strong social media and digital community where likeminded patrons come together to share Mama’s love.
  • Creative content curation.
  • International awards submission.

It is safe to say that Nyama Mama is one of Kenya’s best-known F&B brands.