Fairtrade Africa & Artcaffe #CoffeewithDignity

Artcaffe a leading Kenyan coffee-house has been at the forefront of coffee culture innovation on the local scene. From harnessing award-winning baristas to developing signature blends and educating the local audience (traditionally tea drinkers), they have strived to remain progressive and forward-thinking.  Where to next, with such a standing?

The Campaign

As SHK Consulting, we identified the opportunity for Artcaffe to play a community leadership role by championing the Kenyan coffee farmer. By further collaborating with Fairtrade Africa, we could add credibility and advocacy to the campaign. #CoffeewithDignity; a campaign specifically targetted at the Kenyan coffee drinker on ethical coffee sourcing and the importance of sustainable production.

Such a campaign had never been undertaken for the local market. Traditionally all Fairtrade engagement had been focussed on the international market. Rolled out over 18 outlets, consumers were actively encouraged to consumer and purchase for take-away the Fairtrade blend.

Not only was the campaign a sell out. All Fairtrade batches were sold within the first few weeks of launching. In addition, much publicity and recognition both locally and internationally was received. A win-win collaboration for Fairtrade and Artcaffe.

The two brands will go on to champion a women’s co-op coffee blend for the next campaign.